Certified Aging in Place

​What is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist?

A certified Aging in Place Specialist has been trained in:

-the unique needs of the older adult population
-aging-in-place home modifications
-common remodeling projects
-solutions to common barriers

What types of home Alterations can a Certified Aging Specialist help you with?

Making the home safe for someone with increasingly impaired vision and minimizing the risk of falls are some of the consideration when planning aging-in-place home alterations.

Home remodeling for aging in place can range from simple changes, like installing grab bars for tubs and toilets in bathrooms, placing sturdy handrails on both sides of stairways, replacing door knobs with lever door handles and applying nonslip tape on outdoor and indoor steps that are not carpeted. 

Some more extensive modifications could include things like increasing the width of hallways and doorways where necessary, putting a more accessible vanity in the bathroom, replacing the dishwasher with one that is elevated or has drawers, and replacing cook tops with induction cook tops to reduce the chances of burns.